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Pool Design Software will make your personal library for ImageWorks from your Images at No charge.

Pool Templates for Pool Design Software.

Welcome to Swimming Pool Design Software developed by  Pool Design Software®.
Here you will be able to view some of the many swimming pool templates and swimming pool plans included in our programs
SplashWorks® and ImageWorks .
Many manufacturer's swimming pool templates continue to be added to SplashWorks
® and ImageWorks so check back often.
If you're a manufacturer and would like to be included in our programs,
oin our Advantage Program today with absolutely No Cost. Please contact Sales@PoolDesignSoftware.com.
What is ImageWorks™? Whether you're technology-savvy or not, ImageWorks imaging software is easy to use. You simply take a digital photo of your customer's area to be designed, enter it into the program, and within seconds, you are able to sit down with your customer and overlay a swimming pool, landscaping, waterfall, different stamped or stenciled concrete, or pavers on the before photo.
Check out the Gallery for ImageWorks.
Nothing is easier or as realistic as ImageWorks

What is SplashWorks® ?  "SplashWorks!®" is a  drafting program specifically developed for Swimming Pool & Spa Contractors by Pool Design Software® for Construction and Site Plans.  SplashWorks  is not only fast to learn, but fast to use. With lots of drawing short cuts such as right-click for snap to a point,  use shortcut key "K" for snap to a line and Crtrl + Shift to cut a line, making drawing commands a snap! There is an Extensive help file,  on board multi-media training movies and unlimited phone support. SplashWorks is easier than other Pool Drawing Programs, included is  over 1400 swimming pool templates and swimming pool plans with free updates to pool templates.

Can SplashWorks® give you a Quote? SplashWorks Integrates with our very customizable and powerful QuoteWerks  program, which is offered within The Suite of programs developed by Pool Design Software® for Swimming Pool Contractors. 

Does SplashWorks® have pool templates and pool plans? SplashWorks has over 1400 plus pre-drawn swimming pool templates. 500 are Free Form swimming pool design templates drawn by contractors worldwide. We add and update swimming pool templates constantly, so do check back often.

I only do gunite Free Form Pools, should I delete the manufactures templates? No, if you like the pool shape, delete the interior features. Most have a specified size which gives you a good starting point. From our experience Steel, polymere and gunite contractors can build any shape that can be dreamed up.
I only build Steel Wall Pools should I delete the Free Form pool templates? No, most steel wall manufacturers can make the panels needed for the shape you draw up.

Can I change the size of a pool template? Yes, depending on the results you were looking for depends on the tool to use.
In the Free Form pool template library don't forget to UNCheck "use original scale" - Select Explode Symbol - Each pool has two handles,  Click down on the left side of the screen where you would want the left handle - now go to "Point Relative" The short cut key is the key to the left of the enter key, the "apostrophe key." In the DX field put the length of the pool you would like. Be sure you have "Relative to last point selected" Click Enter. Your pool is on screen the size you've requested.

You can also resize the pool using the resizing handles. When the Use Resizing Handles command is enabled, items that are selected have scaling nodes or resizing handles around them. These nodes may be used to scale the selection along a single axis, or both axes.

Where can I try and learn more about SplashWorks®?
. Here you can download and try SplashWorks.

Top Reasons to purchase SplashWorks:

*Saves Time. - No  waiting for the plan to be done by someone else. Your ideas and design.
*Saves Money. No monthly payments.
*Professionally designed pool templates are included and can be edited.
*Extensive Training movies and help file included.
*Easy to Use, Unlimited Free phone support included. Jump start training class offered.